Sunday, January 22, 2012

" No such partition, Grub Rescue error in Windows " Solution

This error occurs usually for the Laptop users, who tries to delete the Linux partition within Windows. Since, installing Linux, the Grub is installed in the Master Boot Record (MBR), which then replaces the Windows boot-loader. So, deleting the linux partition after entering windows will definitely cause the error. The Grub looks for the 'Grub file' of the linux partition, which doesn't exists and results in errors.
             For solving the it, you need Windows boot-able CD.  After inserting the CD, now select the Repair options to enter the recovery console or command prompt. Now enter

Select the partition, which ever is your boot-table drive. Now enter the into the boot-able drive, by type the drive letter followed by colon and press enter. For example : consider  'F' to be the bootable drive,
              C:\Users\amith> f:
After entering the bootable driver, enter into the 'boot' folder
             cd  boot
now type 
             bootsect  /nt60  SYS  /mbr
              bootrec   /nt60 SYS  /mbr 

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