Thursday, August 9, 2012

Setting path for new script file from an package within console

here, path for a script file within an extracted folder are set, without editing .bashrc file. u can choose any path for ur script file.

now for installing or for introducing the script file to console environment, type

sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/scriptfilenam scriptfilenam /path/scriptfilenam

scriptfilenam - name of script file,  path - path of script file(eg: /home/play-2.0.2/)
" update-alternatives  - maintain symbolic links determining default commands
   update-alternatives creates, removes, maintains and  displays information  about  the symbolic links comprising the Debian alternatives system. "
says the manual page for update-alternatives.

install option , adds the alternative link of script file to the console environment.
now again type

sudo update-alternatives --config scriptfilenam

 which configures  this file.

hence, new scripts path is set. check it by typing the scriptname

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